June 2008

Artist's Comments:

I work in different media with a concentration on painting and digital pigment prints on paper. My figurative work focuses on the vagaries of the human condition, This includes themes of abandonment, betrayal, war, love, frailty and absurdest humor as they intrude upon the daily interaction between ordinary humans, anthropomorphic creatures of nature of the land and sea.

In my paintings I create scenes in which my characters strut and fret their hour upon the stage, allowing the viewer to engage in a silent conversation with what is being developed before them. The works are meant to be accessible at first viewing, using lively brush drawing and high childlike irrational color that later deepens with the viewer's perceiving the ironies of contrasts and juxtapositions by the fluidly drawn images.

Since I want the viewer to take a journey while experiencing my work, I'm not directly showing them a clear way to understand my paintings. I like the enigma that develops when disparate and seemingly incongruous images appear within the painted stage that I create. I want the viewer to slowly read the work, sometimes looking more than once to see all the smaller components that make up the whole work.

In its approach, my work at times draws inspiration from Literature, History, early Renaissance painting, 19th century American painting and Japanese Zen brush drawing.